A new FAN SAINT of the page (Donna PW) has sent a beautiful version of an American Indian blessing:

http://www.mamarocks.com/indian_blessing.htm. Thank you so much, Donna. Welcome aboard and best blessings to you.

10.13.11. In a publication received today, the following is a comment of the Rector of one of the most important AngloCatholic parishes in the country. Because of incidents  witnessed during the past few years I came to a disturbing conclusion this week, that the decline in attendance in our churches may actually be welcomed and abetted by some priests. And now I read this:

I don't often speak or write about the significant, continuing numerical decline of the Episcopal Church. There are many reasons for this decline. Many are beyond our control; many I am proud of.

Image from biocom.wikispaces.com. Thank you.